Thaly Wainberg, Account Manager, made Aliyah from Brazil

I knew that networking in Israel was important, but I didn’t know how much and how to do it. 
Thanks to Yoni’s lecture I learned a lot of methods to build and maintain a network. He knew how to communicate the message and knowledge in a very interesting way. Thanks to him I can build my networking in Israel on an efficient and true way.

David Piazza, 
Revenue Manager. Made Aliyah from Italy in 2012

I met Yoni a few years ago while participating in the Gvahim Career Program. His lecture was hypnotizing and he not only helped us define our goals but also challenged and encouraged us to network in order to succeed. It was very interesting and his passion was contagious!

Anastasia Galanternik, UI/UX designer, made Aliyah from Russia in 2018

I was lucky to attend Yoni's lecture on networking as a part of the Gvahim Career Program. I come from Russia, where networking isn't very popular: Everybody know what is it but rarely someone actually use it. So a lot of information and methods that Yoni told us were very useful and the way he gave it was very engaging and inspirational.

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