Build A Powerful Professional Network From Scratch

Start your career in Israel on the right foot and build a network that will help you throughout your career for years to come. By learning how to build a Strategic Relationship Plan, find a mentor, and good reputation, you'll increase your value in a country where "everybody knows everybody" and hiring managers prefers someone who comes with a personal recommendation. When the main currency is trust, building meaningful relationships and a powerful network takes time. However, getting started on the right foot increases the odds of you having a personal connection in a company looking to hire or knowing about a vacancy before anyone else or knowing whom to go to for advice. We will  also dive into the uniqueness of the Israeli business network culture.

The network culture in Israel is as unique as its business culture. And with a country as small as Israel, there's ample opportunities to meet with people for coffee and attend sector meetups. In this talk, we'll introduce you to the Israeli business culture and how it relates to efficient networking and building relationships in Israel. 

Effective Network Strategies For Entrepreneurs 

Informal professional networks and communities are vital for entrepreneurial success - especially in Israel. Whether your looking for investors, your first hire, a co-founder, or advise from someone who's been through the process, networking is one of  the most efficient things you can do. In this talk we focus on how to create meaningful relations for getting your star-up off the ground and how to nurture and manage those connections in a simple and organized system

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