Build A Network From Scratch And Land Your First Quality Job 

How do you land your first job without prior relevant experience?

How do you stand out from the crowd of newly graduates and junior jobseekers competing for the good jobs?

The answer is: Building a powerful network. Your network will be your differentiator today and as you go on to build your dream career.


In this practical workshop, you will learn how to build a powerful professional network from scratch.

By the end of this workshop you will have created an action plan consisting of:

  1. Defined short and long-term career goals 

  2. A list of the people who can help you achieve your goals (such as mentors, super-connectors, potential colleagues, hiring managers)  the meet-ups and communities in your targeted ecosystem

  3. Strategies to help you reach out to these key people in a way you feel comfortable with, whether online or F2F through meetups and communities.


The network culture in Israel is as unique as its business culture. And with a country as small as Israel, there's ample opportunities to meet with people for coffee and attend sector meetups. In this talk, we'll introduce you to the Israeli business culture and how it relates to efficient networking and building relationships in Israel. 


נטוורקינג מוצלח

Informal professional networks and communities are vital for entrepreneurial success. Whether your looking for investors, your first hire, a co-founder, or advise from someone who's been through the process, networking is one of  the most efficient things you can do. In this talk we focus on how to create meaningful relations for getting your start-up off the ground and how to nurture and manage those connections in a simple and organized system